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Practices for Successful Trading: Establishing Routines and Correct Mental Habits

Roman Bogomazov and Bruce Fraser have created a new webinar series to help traders and investors adopt or refine habits – psychological and analytical – needed to acquire mastery of the Wyckoff Method of trading.  Anyone who has been trading for more than a few months knows how normal human emotions can lead to self-sabotage and trading losses.  The “smart money” (or in Wyckoffian terms, the Composite Operator) extracts enormous profits from retail traders by exploiting these emotions and forcing behavioral errors.  Without appropriate attitudes and habits, even traders skilled in chart analysis can often be wrong-footed by large market operators.  

However, through many years of trading and teaching, Roman and Bruce have identified and distilled critical mental practices and behaviors that can help traders decisively put the odds back in their favor.  They would like to share their insights with you in these two webinars (totaling 5 hours of instruction), and will present and discuss:

o Beliefs: Traders’ beliefs about trading and the Wyckoff Method and how their beliefs affect their results

o Routines: The central importance and key elements of any Wyckoff trader’s routines (including examples of their own)

----- Pre-trade analysis

----- Trade analysis and management

----- Post-trade analysis

o Correcting behaviors:

----- Identification of common behavioral mistakes in trading

----- How to recognize and correct those mistakes both in real time and in subsequent trades

o Letting trades come to you:

----- Learning to let the market set itself up for a trade

----- Patience, meditation, and other spiritual practices in trading

o How to practice:

----- As in music, sports and other areas, success in trading depends not just on how much, but on how well you practice.

----- Deliberate practice: quantitative and qualitative approaches to trading practice

o Creating your own ecosystem for successful trading!

These webinars are primarily designed to help intermediate and novice traders establish attitudes, habits and routines necessary for continuous improvement and success in the markets.

You will have one full year from the date of purchase to view and review the videos!
Thank you for purchasing this course! If you have any questions or comments please email WyckoffAssociates@gmail.com.

The materials presented in this video course are for educational purposes only. Roman Bogomazov and Bruce Fraser (“Presenters”) are not registered investment advisors or broker-dealers and do not purport to tell or suggest which securities individuals should buy or sell. You understand and acknowledge that there is a very high degree of financial risk involved in trading securities. You alone are responsible for your trading and investment decisions. Presenters assume no responsibility or liability of any kind for your trading and investment results. It should not be assumed that investments in or trading of securities, options, futures, ETFs, companies, sectors or any other markets identified and described in this course were, are or will be profitable.

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